Those are the projects we do in DaruSunnah


Producing families

Proper food is a luxury many people in Malawi can’t afford. Meat and poultry are commodities many malawians only eat once or twice a year and only during larger celebrations. Many times they lack basic food such as cooking oil, rice, sugar and other commodities. By making a donation you can help us to fund […]


To digg wells is expensive in Malawi due to the depth of the natural ground water, therefore it costs a lot more than in other countries. There is a dire need for wells in Malawi and the people are suffering a lot. Even if you can’t donate for a whole well by your self, you […]


Many worshippers in Malawi have no access to mosques. Many times they pray the congregation prayer either on open fields or under trees during the heat of the summer.Buy making a donation you will help these people to have a place of worship and also be immensley rewarded, The Prophet Muhammed, may Allahs peace and […]
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