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About Us

Darussunnah Foundation is a non-profit charity organization with it’s main focus on the Republic of Malawi. Darussunnah Foundation was founded in 2011 in Sweden, where the head office is, and has since then established in Malawi.

Darussunnah is an approved and certified charity organization in Malawi. We have official letters and certifications from the Government of Malawi that verifies our legal statues as a running charity organization.
Our policy is that all donations are strictly delivered to the intended  recipient without any adminstative fees or other hidden fees.
 With us you can trust that your money reaches the needy. We also document each project with both videos and photos that can be asked for at any time.

We always prioritize the most needy first, which means that projects such as wells and housing many times will be located in remote villages that are hard to access. This is important to us due to these villages and the people living there many times are left neglected or forgotten.

All types of people and organizations, including state and NGOs, are welcome to work with us to help the poorest of the people.
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